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Aiming to make long term business with any new customers or our regular customers, we do what we promise and always sell the best goods with reasonable price and best service.

We supply 3 months free repairing. Please inform our sales if you meet any problem with our products. Our company doesn't accept unreasonable return of goods. However, we offer to change the goods with new suitable ones if there's any quality problems with the products when it arrives to our customers.

Also we offer repair even if the goods are broken of human made or the goods are kept by customers for a long time.

Always we offer free repair for the devices. But sometimes if the broken parts are expensive and important, we may charge for the parts.

And regarding to the shipping cost, please check with our sales according to the goods.

Phone NO or whats app: 0086-136-42643795

Skype or email: markingplayingcards@hotmail.com


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  • Name: Chris 2020-10-07 21:50:56IP172.58.157.122
  • Content: Its best for me to email. Please contact me about a watch camera with analyzer , copag brand cards and whatever else is needed to win a hand in Texas holdem in English. I also play 7 card stud.
  • Reply: Thank you for your contacting here. Lets Whatsapp+86 13642643795 to contact for details, please. Good day!


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Phone NO / whatsapp: +86 13642643795

Email: markingplayingcards@hotmail.com

Skype: markingplayingcards@hotmail.com

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