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Omaha Winner Predicting System > PK King S708 Omaha Game Winner Predictor System

PK King S708 Omaha Game Winner Predictor System

PK King S708 ultimate marked cards analyzer system has more function compared with the PK King S708 poker winner predictor analyzer system. But no matter which one would be a good choice for you to play the marked cards casino games. What function it has?
If you know little about the poker winner analyzer system, you may know that there are several ways to show the poker games result, two of they are image model and time model. It is means that you can get the result by seeing time or the number showing on the screen. For example, if the time showing as 15:02:03, the result of the game you playing may be as that the second player is the first winner and the third player would be the second winner. What's more, you also can obtain the result by your iWatch as it can via the poker analyzer phone by Bluetooth. While the result also can be show on iWatch 's screen as time. Moreover, there is a remote control to change the number of poker player and switch the camera lens without touch the poker analyzer. Equally important is that the remote control will show the result to you by shake, if the second player is the first winner, the remote control will shake twice at one time.

PK King S708 Omaha Game Winner Predictor System
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Phone NO / whatsapp: +86 13642643795

Email: markingplayingcards@hotmail.com

Skype: markingplayingcards@hotmail.com

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