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Poker Blogs

  • Camera Lenses inside Cigarette Lighter2017-08-22
  • lighter infrared camera is a kind of poker cheating devices which can be used by poker players or magicians in different poker places or magic shows.
  • Transparent Ashtray Poker Camera2017-08-22
  • This transparent ashtray camera can used to scan all kinds of barcode marked playing cards in poker games or magic shows.
  • USB Cable Can Read Marked Deck2017-08-21
  • It is so common to bring USB cable with your phone that no one will notice it will help you to read the barcode of marked decks.
  • Poker Camera in the Chandeliers2017-08-19
  • With scanning camera installed in the chandelier, you can read the number and suit of every poker player in the room.
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